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Dallas Police Officer, Nick Novello Speaks Out

Rick Roberts & Nick Novello Discuss the DPD

Sign the Petition to Abolish the Civilian Police Review Board

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Civilian Police Review Board Coalition

Each City Councilman appoints a representative to serve as member of the CPRB. The above groups are supporting the expansion of the CPRB.


Civilian Police Review Boards are being pushed by radical left wing coalitions across Texas and across the United States to subvert authority of the police department to empowered unelected boards.  There is no legal basis for their existence.  See the website of the ACLU about their highly aggressive role in setting up CPRBs and "controlling the police."


"Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily destroyed." Karl Marx


Houston Police Deparment Speaks Out

CPRB Approves Coalition Recommendations
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