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Civilian Police Review Board Coalition

Each City Councilman appoints a representative to serve as member of the CPRB. The above groups are supporting the expansion of the CPRB.


Civilian Police Review Boards are being pushed by radical left wing coalitions across Texas and across the United States to subvert authority of the police department to empowered unelected boards.  There is no legal basis for their existence.  See the website of the ACLU about their highly aggressive role in setting up CPRBs and "controlling the police."


"Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily destroyed." Karl Marx


Houston Police Deparment Speaks Out

CPRB Approves Coalition Recommendations
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Citizens Coalition


Petition to Abolish the Dallas Citizens Police Review Board


January 27, 2019


The Honorable Mayor Mike Rawlings
Dallas City Council
Citizens Police Review Board


Dear Mayor Rawlings, Dallas City Council Members, and Citizens Police Review Board Members:

A coalition of numerous organizations has submitted a proposal to reform the existing Citizens Police Review Board. The reformed board would have independence to monitor all Dallas Police Department investigations throughout the process. The board also would have the power to subpoena, make recommendations about the disciplinary actions for an officer, and make recommendations about Dallas Police Department policies and training procedures. A budget of $1.5 million is also requested.

The board would use public outreach and engagement between the communities and police officers to rebuild trust.

The main issue voiced by leaders of the townhalls seemed to be police racism. Not mentioned was how crimes would be reduced, how the response time for 911 calls would be lowered, or how better relationships between the officers and communities would be accomplished.

The proposed plan is based on a federal government plan, President Obama’s 2015 Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, Pillars 1-5.

Given the facts about Citizens Police Review Boards, we do not want the existing board to be expanded nor to receive any funding. Further, we want the CPRB totally abolished for these reasons:

1. Dallas Police Department has significant problems which a high powered CPRB will not fix.

  • DPD has a shortage of 1000+ officers resulting in Priority 1 calls taking 2+ hours to be answered, if at all;
  • DPD morale is low;
  • Officer salaries are not competitive with those in suburbs, resulting in flight from Dallas;
  • DPD procedures place officers’ lives in jeopardy;
  • Shabby and dated training facilities;
  • Officers are required to purchase their own state-of-the-art protective vests;
  • During the July 7, 2018 Dallas protest, officers were told not to wear protective gear in dangerous situations to avoid appearing “militaristic” – 5 officers died State-of-the-art vests for say, 2700 officers, would cost $1,340,000 ($500 each), yet the city is not willing to spend the money.
    • However, Dallas City Hall has racked up these expenditures: an annual $80 million loss from the Dallas Convention Center, $115 million for fake arches over the Margaret McDermott Bridge, $4 million for unusable Trinity River Kayak Park; $164 million from 2013-2017 for VisitDallas [IRS 990 forms show salaries to CEO Phillip Jones ($700K+personal expenses); Tracey Locke Ad Agency where Mike Rawlings was previously employed ($4,589,882); Dave Brown (VP American Airlines Center $1,081,340], $600 million offer to Amazon.

2. Oversight boards are not effective. There is little credible evidence to support claims that they build community trust or reduce police brutality or that their existence results in fewer police shootings.

3. These boards are conducive to the intimidation of police personnel. Because the power to discipline is the power to control, the Civilian Review Board subverts the police department from under the people’s elected representatives and places it under a politically oriented and often biased group of lay people who neither know nor understand police problems. (National Center for Constitutional Studies)

4. The Civilian Review Board idea was originally created to subvert U.S. police. Dr. Bella Dodd, former national officer of the Communist Party, noted that the whole idea of setting up Civilian Review Boards was invented by the Communist Party decades ago. She said their object was to gain control of the police and paralyze them when riots and violence were instigated. (NOTE: This has already happened.) (National Center for Constitutional Studies)

5. Motives of the coalitions promoting a reformed board are highly questionable. For example, the American Civil Liberties Union, which is waging a nationwide campaign to place the police under Civilian Review Boards ( has been investigated many times for suspected subversive activities. (National Center for Constitutional Studies)

6. Advocates of Civilian Review Boards deliberately misrepresent facts on police brutality. ( National Center for Constitutional Studies) The U.S. Department of Justice refutes the claim about police racism. They note that blacks are not disproportionately targeted by police. For example, in New York, blacks are 2.5 times more likely to be involved in crime, 35 times more likely to be involved in robbery, 38 times more likely to be involved in murder, and 51 times more likely to be involved in shootings than whites. Blacks are more likely to be killed by other blacks that by police. That number spiked after the shooting and protests at Ferguson.

7. Ferguson Effect. Imposing restrictions on police leads to police withdrawing from active policing. Heather MacDonald, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and expert on policing, notes there has been a significant spike in violent crime, especially in cities with high profile shootings and protests, due to President Obama pushing for new rules and city administrations imposing restrictions on police. It resulted in police withdrawing from active policing with 72% of the police being less engaged, with the exception of black officers who are 3.3 times more likely to shoot black suspects than white police officers. In 2016 alone, 90% of blacks were killed by other blacks, nearly 2 times the number of soldiers killed in Iraq.

We believe that Dallas leaders are going in the wrong direction to expand the powers and fund a Citizens Police Board. We believe that you need to improve working conditions and salaries for the Dallas Police Department instead of playing to the fake claims about police racism. By creating a public hostility toward Dallas police, you are directly affecting their safety and that of residents and businesses. Your expansion of a citizens review board will embolden other cities to do the same, creating a rippling Ferguson Effect.

Therefore, we the citizens of Texas ask that you immediately take steps toward abolishing the Citizens Police Review Board.

Sincerely, the undersigned


Carole H. Haynes, Ph.D. & Bob Farris – Founders, Citizens Matter

Abolish CPRB

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